Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Update! :)

Here is a pictue my friend Lisa did for me :)

Daisy is doing good..I think she is beginning to feel better as far as the infection goes but her sore is obviously still sore..but I think with help it will go away soon!! No riding or anything of that sort obviously but she is really beginning to follow me around and want to be with me. That is very special to me. Tonight I am going to Sharon's to get some of the things that were left at her house when Daisy got moved home and also just to hang out!! Hope you all have a wonderful day. I probably will be able to get on tomorrow morning but no gaurantee :D Thanks Ruth Ann, Navajo and Daisy

p.s. Some of You asked about where the tumor might be on that horse is by his (I think left) eye area but the good news is his nose discharge is pretty much nonexsistent and the bump is going down.

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