Monday, November 1, 2010

Lunging Daisy!

Well I figured since I can't really ride Daisy due to her still being sore (I thought it didn't bother her which it probably didn't the first time but the second time bothered her) I decided I am going to do groundwork and such with her. This morning I didn't have much time but I wanted to see how Daisy does on the lunge line (I lunged her one time in the round pen at Sharon but other than that never lunged her outside of a pen or with a lunge line) and she did ok going to the left (unusual) but resisted going right. It was a good thing to know but since I didn't have time to work with her really I just let her run around to the left a few times and stopped her (she faced me which is what I wanted).
Then later in the afternoon when I took the trash out I took it up to her and let her sniff it. She wasn't in the least bit frightened which was awesome. I rubbed it all over her and she didn't care one bit..I was very pleased!!
This evening then I had some time and I lunged her again. I started her out to the left and then I asked her to stop and turned her around (manually..hehe I hadn't gotten her to the point she did it by herself) and asked her to go right. She kept turning toward me so I just wacked her neck a few times till she got the picture that she has to go right. She went right but it took a bit to persuade her to go into a full circle to the right. I let her lunge to the right a bit then I asked for her to change to the left..without me touching her. It took a bit and some wacks to the neck but she did it. I was so happy..I let her lunge to the left a bit then I asked for a change to the right. She stopped like she always does when I ask her and faces me then I asked her to go right and SHE WENT. This didn't take more than 15 minutes which had me very happy. I thought it was a good start with her. I know that lunging is a good thing to earn respect with so that is my goal. So far I am so pleased. When I stopped her I went up to her and praised her for doing so well! I am very pleased!!

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