Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday's Ride!!

Tonight I got to ride Daisy. I decided I need to ride her on the road in order to get her used to it and also I would like to ride her down to the farrier down close to Sharon's as he is cheaper than the farrier I was using (and also then maybe I can go on a trail ride with my friend's as well). Anyway first I lunged Daisy and tonight she did the best she ever did and then I saddled her up with the western saddle and I put my helmet on. First I rode her in the field at a flat out run..what fun!! Then on the road we went. We just walked for the first bit then we did some cantering. WOW what fun..we did a lot of cantering and she did awesome. She only shied a few times..the first time at a big bus and then the second time she didn't move at all off the path just jumped in place a bit :) I was so proud of her. I think the reason we did so much better today was because we know each other a ton better and we are more confident and trust each other more as well!! Anyway it was totally awesome!! Hope you have an awesome weekend!

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