Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Evening's Groundwork!!

This evening I worked with Daisy a bit ;) I joined up with her again (I love how that works and Daisy just loves being with me..a few times when I am cleaning up manure she is right behind me and I don't know it and I have hit her with the manure fork a few times..she looks at me like what are you doing? :D I am like hehe you were behind me and I didn't know it :D). Anyway she just loves being with me as I said so I put her halter on and got her to move her hindquarter around both ways and then got her to follow me. Since she was doing so well I didn't do it for too long. Then I took her over to the fence and got on her. I just rode around the corral with the leadrope and halter..she did pretty well with that...I also got her to stand still nicely for me while I was on her. That had me really happy. She is a pretty awesome horse ;)

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