Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tuesday's Lunging!!

This evening despite the wind and cold I lunged Daisy. I usually don't but I want to kinda get into a schedule to work with her weather it is lunging or other groundwork or whatever at least three times a week because otherwise if I don't make up my mind it won't happen and the nice thing is it is starting to get dark at 6 so that is one hr later than it has been so that will give me some more chance!! Can't wait till spring!!

Anyway now for the actual lunging :D I went and got my whip and lungeline and got Daisy. I started her out at a trot without the chain over her nose because I wanted to see if she does well without. She did pretty awesome the best she ever did. I lunged her at a trot both ways for a bit til I decided it was time to canter. I knew that she would try to pull the most then so I put the chain over her nose for that. My goal is by the end of this summer to be able to lunge her without that..I don't know how much I will get to work with that come summer as then I want to really work on my riding and and training Daisy in the saddle more! (Sorry I keep going on bunny trails). So I cantered her to the left first and she did pretty awesome so I tried it to the right and she fought me again..but we worked thru it and I didn't let her get away with turning when she wasn't supposed to. I think that will take some work but I think she should do well ;) I got it to the point she made two circles at a canter without fighting me to turn or pulling or anything so then I stopped her and rewarded her by quitting. I was so happy!! <3 I was thinking that it is so awesome that when I got her it wasn't like she had tons of riding and all that because then I have pretty much a clean slate to work with which can be wonderful but sometimes a challenge :) Hope you have a wonderful rest of hte week!

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