Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday's Ride!

I did get to ride today of which I was very happy. I first lunged Daisy because it was something I really want her and I to get good at..good for respect too. I lunged her with the lunge line but I put the chain over her nose because she likes to pull so bad for some reason..That helped a bit (she does it the worst when we are going right usually at the west side of our circle) and I think with continual work it will go away soon..we shall see. I lunged her for a while and then we went in for supper. After supper I came out and rode her for a little and I stress little. The driveway really melted off today so it was ok to ride and lunge her..I am hoping if I get to ride tomorrow I want to ride with the saddle (english) because I have some things I really want to work on!! I just finished Lynn Palm's book: The Rider's Guide to Real Collection: (here is a book review on it: ) It is really really good! And I can't wait to try some of this stuff once I feel we are ready to work on it!! Spring please come!! Hehe!!

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