Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wonderful News!!!

I am so excited!!!!! Well as some of you knew I was planning on getting fencing..that got canceled because of some reasons that I won't go into detail with!! But what I am so excited about is I AM GOING TO BE HELPING TRAIN SOME PONIES and also MISS SUNSHINE (you know the palimino I have talked about) AND I get to have Daisy at Sharon's this whole time. Not sure on the time length yet but I can't wait regardless. I sure am going to miss having Daisy here 24/7 but it is for just a short while and she will be in training there anyway. I will be sure to get some pictures of the three ponies (Venus, Girly and Wade), Miss Sunshine, and of course Daisy. My plans are to train her to drive, lay down, possibly jump and of course groundwork :) We shall see what all happens..I am just so excited. She is leaving tonight and I am staying there at Sharon's house tonight. Anyway have a good evening!!
p.s. I am planning on breeding Daisy as well :) This has been thought about quite a bit so we shall have to see!

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