Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Saturday, Sunday and Monday's Rides!!

I did quite a bit of riding this weekend..more than normal that is for sure. I hope I can remember everything I want to write down :D

Joyful Hearts Chorus (my chorus I am with) had recording Saturday morning. I slept at Sharon Friday night and so I was just 5 minutes away from the studio Sat morning. I went over there and I was there till 1 something. I got back over at Sharon around 2. Not exactly sure what time it was that we got mobalized but I went out and put the stirrups on Jack (Jonathan's horse..will get pics soon as he is being boarded there at Sharon's place now) and then when Jonathan came he rode him a bit in them. He took the stirrups off of Jack and let me have them so I can use them for Spurs (and he didn't feel comfortable using them on a ride yet which I didn't blame him). Then off Jonathan, Sharon and I went. Spurs did well at first till we had to go on the road at the one place then he acted totally crazy. I worked him thru it and off we went again. As much as I can remember he did ok the rest of the time :) Once we got back I hosed off Spurs and put him away and got out Daisy. I rode her around the house for 15 minutes or so. We didn't canter the whole time but we did plenty. I rode her bareback too and that was so much fun. By then Lillian came so we ate supper and took the babies (minus Patience as she cut her leg and couldn't go along) for a swim in the creek. Boy did they love it. It wasn't for long or for much but they enjoyed it and were frisky on the way home. Once we got back we went for another ride this time I rode Shasta (Little Andrea was along when we took the babies and so was Lillian so they came along with Sharon and I when I rode Shasta). I think it was for about half an hour to 45 minutes :) It was totally fun!!

Then Sunday afternoon I took Rose Mary riding. First I started out on Spurs, Rose Mary on Curly and Lillian on Daisy and Sharon on Bean. We rode for about an hour and a half or so. Then we came back and Rose Mary kinda wanted to ride Curly more and I want to ride Shasta so both my horses get used equally. So off we went again this time Lillian rode Girly (the one pony), Rose Mary on Curly and me on Shasta..that was tons of fun..Shasta did awesome too!!

Now Monday was an awesome day. Sharon and I planned to give Lillian Princeton in full for a very late bday gift (her birthday was in March..LOL) but in order for her to get her gift she needed to go on a treasure hunt so I went earlier than what we told Lillian to come so we could get the notes out. Well she comes earlier than planned but before we could go to the stables we needed to really clean out two corrals for one of the other boarders at Sharon's. So we did that and I during that time got all the notes written and hung around and then when we were almost done I put bows on Princeton. Then once we were completely finished I gave Lillian the first note. It was so awesome seeing her face when she realized that Princeton is hers completely. I am so happy I did that :) :) :) Then later in the day we went to Becky and Sharon and I got a nice looking halter for him. He looks good in it :)

Once we gave Lillian her pony we saddled up. Lillian started out riding Daisy, I rode Spurs and we ponied Jack. Sharon actually ponied Jack :D We took Spurs home and put the stirrups we used on Spurs on Jack and Lillian rode him and I got to finally ride my sweet girl again :) Then we went to Vicky cleaned stalls there, then went to play a game with two older ladies (that was awesome) then we rode home. Once home we hooked up the wagon to Lightning and started for Becky then New Holland. Before we got ot New Holland we turned around and went back and called a tack shop close to where we were going to take Sharon's Beauty to get her feet done. You see we planned a surprise bday party for Jonathan. We don't know him well at all but I found out his birthday was Sunday so we decided to get him a halter/bridle for Jack for his birthday and also invite two familes to come and surprise him after we get back from riding. Anyway we took Beauty to the farrier, went and got the halter/bridle, quick came home and put ribbons on Jack and the halter/bridle on him and put him in his stall. Jonathan liked his halter/bridle and how Jack looked. Then my friend's Sarah and Becky came and we went on a ride together. I started out riding Venus but Shasta was acting hyper so Sarah and I switched and I rode Shasta and she rode Venus. That turned out really well. Once we got back from the ride with Jonathan, my friends, Sharon, Lillian and I..Jonathan went to go into the tack room to put his saddle away and out walks his family and friends..It was so perfect :) :) Very short notice too but perfect :D :D Then we had treat! It was an awesome day with surprises for two people but so much fun planning them :)

Not sure who I will be riding and such in the next couple of days..I stepped on a nail today and my foot is quite sore from it so not sure if that will affect me riding or not..we shall have to see :)

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