Saturday, December 3, 2011

Tuesday's Ride on Curly, and Friday and Saturday's Ride on Shasta!

Tuesday evening:

   For some crazy reason I was in the mood to ride Curly instead of riding one of my own horses...I honestly should have ridden one of my own since I have two and don't get to ride every day but I love riding Curly and wanted to ride something different for a change :) So I did :) And I enjoyed every minute ;)

I didn't ride then again till Friday although Wednesday evening I did groom both my girls and love on them!! I had done chocolate covered candy with Sharon, her mom, MaryRose and Sarah all day so it was a relaxing end to the day. I also got to talk with Lillian for a while too!!

Thursday after work I stopped in and said hi to the girls. Daisy was in her corral way up by the one gate and Shasta was in her corral down by the gate that seperated her and Daisy's corral. Well I went down to Shasta and loved on her a bit and I turn around and Miss Daisy is patiently waiting for me to come love on her ;) It was so sweet!! She can be such a brat but I must say when she brings out her sweet side you can't help but love her :D She is so silly!

Friday evening (Dec 2nd):
   Last evening then I rode Shasta...I didn't feel to well because of having a cold but figured Shasta needed the exercise and the cool air would help me! Sharon and I started out at 6:30 and got back to the barn sometime after quarter after 7. Shasta did excellant especially for not being ridden for so long. I know it has to do with her being pregnant but I must say I was impressed and quite happy! I brushed Shasta and put her blanket on and put her out again. Since I had a good hour I figured why not brush Daisy too. Sharon brushed Jack and Lightning while I did Daisy. She was a sweetheart as far as coming to me and being with me. Gotta love her ;) She was eating her hay and I said come Daisy and she turned toward me and came ;) I brushed Daisy then and put her out again.

   Denise (She bought Ebony one of Sharon's former horses) brought her daugher Taylor, her friend Karen and two other friends riding today. They invited me along...I had wanted to go riding today since tomorrow is my birthday and I like to go riding on my birthday (would tomorrow but the girls from my youth group are doing something and I want to go to that and I have a chorus program in the evening as well). I wasn't sure if it was going to work out but it did. Daisy has a somewhat swollen and warm hind right back leg (not sure why or what it is from..she doesn't favor it but it is definitely swollen..I put stuff on it and wrapped it...hope it clears up soon) or I would have ridden her. So since Daisy is sore I wrapped her leg again and got Shasta ready to ride. She did awesome today as well. One of the memorable things from the ride was the fact that soon after we were on the ride everyone sang Happy Birthday. Definitely makes that ride as one of my favorite. AND I finally have pics again from the ride and some of Shasta...I want to get some of my girls in the meadow running free one of these days and also some more of Daisy but those will have to wait for another day :) I will be posting pics either tonight or sometime this week! Hope you have an awesome weekend!!

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