Thursday, January 12, 2012

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday's Rides!!

Monday: In the morning I rode Shasta to the stables :) Bareback of course. She did really well as I expected. I groomed her when we got back and then put her away. In the evening then we went down to my aunt and uncle (Sharon and I) to check on their miniture horse who had gotten hurt. When we got back I decided I wanted to line drive Shasta instead of going for a ride. For some crazy reason I didn't feel like it. Anyway I used the same double wire bit I use on Daisy to drive her on Shasta. I don't know if I will be able to ever drive Shasta or not but I figure it sure doesn't hurt to line drive her and get her ready for it. It is going to be more of a game and the aim is to have fun and learn as much as possible without Shasta feeling pressured. First I put the stirrups on her so I have stirrups to run the line thru so they aren't falling from the bit directly to the ground. I put the bridle on her and then fastened the reins. I kept her in the corral because I figured that way she can kinda figure out what she needs to do first before we go anywhere. Well that idea didn't work. She wasn't to sure what I wanted to begin with and wasn't so sure about me being behind her and she didn't want to go forward. So I took her outside the corral to walk around the house. I asked her to go forward like before by clucking and saying CUM (dutch for Come). She didn't walk forward only turned her head toward me and backed up. We did this for a bit till I figured ok you know how to back up lets try that. So I pulled on the reins a bit and said baacckk. She backed. Then I said Whoa and let her rest. Then I said CUM. She didn't go so we backed a few more times with a break in between. After doing it three or so times I asked her to CUM and slapped her lightly with the reins and forward she went. I said GOOD GIRL SHASTA and so we walked around the house. Each time we came to the barn she wanted to turn in but I urged her forward. I turned around in front of the house and went the other way. We even trotted a bit. Then I asked her to stop and start a few times. She only hesitated a time or two but overall she did wonderful. I was so impressed with her!! I never dreamed the line driving would go so well but I sure was pleased!! When we were all finished I groomed her and praised her good. Then I got Daisy out and groomed her as well!

Tuesday: This evening I got to Sharon decent time and we waited on MaryRose to get there. Well when MaryRose got there Lillian called and said she is coming as well. Since we had to wait for Lillian anyway MaryRose and I went out the barn to lunge Beauty. She has been having some issues latel with respect and such so I worked with her in the roundpen. First on the lungeline since she didn't want to turn and face me when I asked her to change directions (MaryRose took a turn or two as well). Once I thought she did well enough on the lungeline I took the lungeline off and free lunged her. That went ok. In some corners she would turn and face me and in others she didn't want to. We got it to the point that she pretty consistantly turned toward us in any corner. AND to top it off she followed me in the end. She had never done that that I can remember ;) I was impressed!!
Lillian came then and so off we headed on a ride. Lillian on Curly, MaryRose on Beauty, Me on Daisy (all three of us bareback) and Sharon on Bean. Daisy did quite well :) But she has been since she got over her grumpiness ;) When we got back I groomed her and put her away.

Wednesday: Instead of riding any of my horses to the stables I decided to ride Curly again :) He did really well...better than last week. And on the way home I got him to slow down totally by voice commands. My hands didn't touch the reins. I had done that last week and it surprised me that he would listen that well on me ;)

That was my week so far. I plan to go say Hi to my horses here in a bit and then tomorrow ride. Not sure who I will ride yet but we shall see! Hope you all have a good rest of the week!!

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