Saturday, April 7, 2012

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday's Rides and Groundwork!

First off here is a cute video clip of an ipad..for horses:
Tuesday: I got to Sharon around 7 in the morning so I could take my girls to the farrier. For those who wondered we could trailer our horses there but we often choose to ride simply because it is fun :D He doesn't come out to us because he is a Team Mennonite which means they don't have vehicles but drive horse and buggy. Anyway when we got back we did some other odds and ends till lunch. After lunch we went to Sharon's mom to help her with some work. When we got back Sharon had some rides and the one ride had small children on it so I rode Shasta along to keep an eye on the children. For some reason Shasta was all hyper and was acting like a total brat :D She can be that way sometimes. When we got back I was going to work her a little bit but my cousin brought her siblings and I went with her to keep an eye on the children. That time I rode Curly. When we got back I headed for home.
Wednesday: This evening I went to Sharon again but I didn't really do anything with my girls but groom them because I was doing some barn work. I did lay Shasta down for the second time and she fought me a bit but she did well otherwise..I am so proud of my girls :)
Thursday: I got off of work early so I went and did some groundwork with Shasta. I free longed her first and she did really well. At first she was like what are we doing and is this enough of work. Eventually she got going in a circle and she joined up quite well. I got her to touch me before I did anything. Then she followed me around really nicely. :) She had a sore on her leg so I took her out to the wash stall and didn't tie her and I hosed off her leg and cleaned it up good. I thought it was really neat because she stood really nicely..big improvement for her. I groomed her then put her away. I was going to do groundwork with Daisy but since I was going to be coming the next day I figured I would do it then.
Friday: I slept in late and then I headed on over to Sharon. First thing I round penned Daisy. She did awesome with that and then I led her over to where the snaffle bit is and put that in her mouth. I wanted to work her a bit in doing some different things. Well she decided she is going to act like she has no clue what backing up is and what turning right is. She was like I like turning left and while we turn left lets go in a circle right away :D So I worked her in backing up and going to the right. She went into the barn at the one point in time and I got her to turn around and headed out. Then we went around the house. I stopped her and got her to back up. Once she did it well then I praised her and got off. I see we have some work to do but she is getting light work till her baby is born and will get some time off afterwards :) She was due Tuesday but Monday will be the last day she was bred so after that she will be late :) Shasta is due in a month! Hope you all have a wonderful Easter Weekend!

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