Monday, May 28, 2012

Monday's Ride on Daisy along with Freedom!!

Today when I first got to Sharon I slept and ate some lunch. Then when I did go out to my horses I cleaned their water tubs and cleaned up piles. I would have done the tubs on Friday but I didn't have much time with my horses on Friday due to going to the cabin with the youth. I worked in the morning then picked Rose Mary up at Rough and Tumble. At Rough and Tumble I ate some lunch, said hi to a few people, and then Rose Mary and I left. We stopped at Sharon, said hi to the horses then headed home. I did have an awesome weekend at the cabin with the youth though. Very relaxing and refreshing. I enjoyed it immensly!!Anyway back to today. Sharon was away and when she got back she came out and asked if I want to ride. I said sure. So I put Shasta and her son out on the meadow and got Daisy and Freedom out. I hosed Daisy off and put the stirrups on her and Freedom and her and I went on a ride with Sharon and Harry. Note: Some of you may wonder why I take Freedom along for rides..well I personally feel there is nothing wrong with it simply because we don't go too fast or to far for him and not only that it is natural in my mind for the baby to go along..they do in the wild. He really enjoyed going along today..he was running around and bucking and kicking and just plain down enjoying himself. Daisy seemed to enjoy it as well.When we got back I lunged Shasta a bit because she was being a bit of a mess. She followed me and backed up nicely for me. Then I played with her baby a bit. He isn't near the handful Freedom was and I still don't have a name for him but some are running thru my mind. We shall see what his name ends up being!! Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week!!!
p.s. Attatched a pic of a rose that I took as well as edited!

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