Friday, July 27, 2012


Today was a pretty good day. Got off from work a bit early so I headed over to Daisy and the foals (didn't see Shasta again today..hoping to Monday). I first did the chores for my horses then I groomed Daisy and saddled her up with the English saddle and used the snaffle bit. Using the suggestions a few friends have given me I worked her in a circle around the house (wanted to use the meadow but we got thankful for it since it has been so dry lately). Going to the right she didn't get so soft right away but she got nice and soft pretty much right away going to the left ;) I was so pleased. She responded well. I trotted her the whole time at a slow trot as well as at a faster trot posting the whole time. It went well for both her and I. To cool her down I worked her at stopping when asked from a walk and she did excellant with that. I was very pleased with how the whole afternoon with her went. After she stopped really nice I got off of her and put the tack away, hosed her off and put her away. I praised her a lot then let her have her reward for doing so well. I played with the babies a bit too. Sharon had taken a ride so after she got back her and I went for a ride and I rode Curly. Over all it was quite the eventful but fulfilling afternoon!!

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