Friday, July 6, 2012

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday!

Wednesday: Today I rode Silver all by myself (I want to get some pics of him soon). We even cantered :) I didn't go to far with him but he did excellant..if I didn't know better I would have almost thought he had done this before. I can tell that he needs to get used to a rider on his back but other than that he is really awesome. After we got back I hosed him off and put him away.

I got the babies out. I wanted to give them both a bath and both Freedom and Mateo did really well with their baths. Then I got Daisy out and gave her a bath as well. If the rascals are still clean on Friday maybe I will be able to get some pics of them. We shall see!!

Thursday: Today it was quite warm :) I took the girls to the farrier and that went well. I didn't do anything else because of taking them to the farrier but tomorrow am hoping to do more. Next week is my last week of working at this job AND working 10 hr days (which wear on a person especially getting up so early) so I should have more time to mess with my girls and their boys ;)

Friday: Tonight I took my cousin riding. But before she got there I cleaned out the run in area slash stall where the girls are and also cleaned up outside. That was a big chore in itself but thankfully Earl Dean was willing to dump my wheel barrows so that made it go faster :) It was a sweaty hot job..especially with such WARM weather!! Then when my cousin did come I rode Curly :) She rode Speedy!! We went up to Fairmount and rode around the home then headed back. We did some cantering..then when we got back we got some drinks for us and then headed down to the creek with Sharon, Abby and Abby's sister. We slopped in the creek and swam a bit on the horses then Melanie and I headed back. It was quite a nice evening ;) I did love on my horses a bit too. Not sure what day I am going will be either Saturday, Sunday or Monday. We shall see!

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