Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lunging and Groundwork Session!

2 Collages of the picture Rose Mary took Saturday!

This evening I didn't ride but did groundwork. First I got Daisy out of the meadow..I whistled and said hey girl and she didn't come right away but she met me about halfway :) So proud of my girl. I put her halter on and then we went into the barn. I got my tarp, lungeline, lunge whip and Daisy and we headed out to the areana. First I put the tarp on the ground then I lunged Daisy over that. She didn't even care which didn't suprise me in the least. We worked on her trotting and walking on command. She did very well at speeding up and slowing down when told. Daisy also did very good with stopping and turning when asked. I also got her to stop a few times as well and back up. At the end I told her to WHOA and she stopped then I asked her to come. She came so nicely then I unclipped the lunge line and I was like lets have fun. So off we walked. I got her to trot beside me and turn both ways. I did it with me on both sides which was impressive. She stopped and trotted and walked so nicely beside me being free. I was so pleased with her!! Once we established that she was ok with being free I told her to WHOA and I got the tarp and ran it between her legs and then as the final test I put it on top of her. She was like ok this is different then I put it over her head and she was totally covered with the tarp. SHE WAS TOTALLY FINE WITH IT. She didn't move a muscle and I didn't have her on the lead at all. I took the tarp off of her and praised her big time. I am so proud of my girl. I think she does everything I ask her so willingly cause she knows I will hug her and praise her :)
After I put the tarp away I decided to give Daisy a bath. She stood nicely for that (no wash stall or place to tie her really) and now she is so nice and clean. I gave her her grain then put her out in the meadow. She is so sweet cause when I put her out in the meadow and she eats the grass right inside the gate. Then she will walk out past the run in. Usually I stand there a bit and watch her then head into the barn. Well she usually turns around and comes to see if I am still watching. Usually I turn around and see if she came back to see me leave and if she is standing there I say bye girl. I just love her :) :) We shall see what we do tomorrow!
Shasta seems to be fine where she is and Freedom and Mateo are both happy at their respective places. So can't wait till Freedom comes to Daisy though!!

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