Monday, December 31, 2012

The Week Between Christmas and New Year's Eve!

Daisy and Freedom Saturday!

This is what it looked like Saturday!
I didn't ride at all this past week due to it just being cold and my plans always getting rearranged at the last minute :D I worked on Wednesday and on Thursday I was sick with the wonderful flu :( I got hay on Friday and was looking for a job and feeling a bit better after my feeling sick on Thursday. I had planned to ride Saturday BUT we got a nice amount of snow so that didn't happen! :) Sunday it was chilly and I was sledding with my sisters. Today (New Year's Eve..Monday) I didn't ride cause the heat was off at work so it was COOLLDD there and I was cold and tired after work so I came home and took a nap. I plan to eat here in a bit and then off to the horses to love on them and just spend time with them! Hope you all have a wonderful New Year's Eve and a very safe one!

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