Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cookies, Curly, Saturday and Sunday!

Here is a sample of the cookies I made on Saturday :) More pics here.
Like Father, Like Son
Thought this saying fit this collage!
Saying on the photo: Like human beings, horses are all individuals with singular personalities, their own virtues and their own faults. We become bound to them for their beauty, their eccentricities, their heart and the love they so often return to us. - Lana Slaton
Saturday: My mom left for AL to do some prison ministry with the We Care Program :) So she will be coming back later this week. So I made some chili for lunch today as well as some chocolate chip cookies. For a very late lunch/supper my dad, sisters and I went out to the Brickerville House (lovely restraunt). While we were eating my phone rang...I was hoping it would be the lady telling me she set up an interview for me but nope it was Sharon. She was like would you be into having Curly for a few months till Spring? Sometimes she lends her horses out over winter to different people. Anyway, I told her I would love to but need to talk to a few people. So I got off the phone, asked my sister Rose Mary if she would be into splitting Curly's board and such and she said I called Anthony and asked him if I could board Curly there in the other front meadow (there are three meadows) is a pic that explains it better :)
Map of where I board (hope you can see alright)
Anyway, Anthony said sure and Rose Mary was ok with splitting board :) So Sharon brought Curly up and we settled him in. I talked for a bit with Sharon then after she left I broke the ice in the water tubs for the horses, threw them hay and then came home.
Sunday: I went up and rode Curly a bit. Nothing much just worked him a bit. Then I loved on Daisy and just hung out with the horses :) I am hoping to ride more this week since it is supposed to be warmer but we shall see. With mom being gone I have some more responsabilities here at home :)

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