Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday!

Sunday I rode Daisy and ponied Jess. I did it in the arena so it would be in a more controled enviroment, also so I could see how the horses acted together. They had been in the meadow together since Thursday afternoon and they got along so I figured things would go well with ponying. It did. Jess trotted (and I stress trotted) nicely but wanted nothing to do with cantering. I did get her to canter for a little though. My idea is that if I get her in nice shape and just continue working her I will be able to get her to canter eventually. We shall see how it all works out! :) Daisy did quite well with ponying another mare. At one point in her life she was a mess with other horses and now she doesn't care. Shows how she changed in that area :)
Monday: I had chorus practice and been to the dr so I had a busy afternoon. So I just loved on the horses and then headed home.
Tuesday: No riding..so windy, a bit rainy, and cold so I just groomed Daisy and Freedom and loved on them. Hoping to ride later this week.

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  1. Nice! Cool now that Daisy is pretty good at ponying now eh?