Thursday, May 30, 2013

So Far This Week

This week so far has consisted of mostly loving on the horses and just spending time with them. Monday was Memorial Day and we did things here at home. I got stuff ready to ship for Tuesday, we went out to eat as a family and after lunch we did some odds and ends. When I did get up to the barn I fed the horses and cleaned up the barn :) I scrubbed all the water tanks and they had sprayed the meadows for the buttercups (which now (Thursday) are nicely wilting). All the horses were off the meadows till Tuesday evening.

Tuesday when I went up in the morning I switched some of the horses around. They hadn't sprayed the arena or the area right behind the barn that is fenced in. So Daisy and another pony, Kali, had been behind the barn. I put Dolly (a standardbred mare) out with Kali and brought Daisy in. Then in the evening I was putting different horses together to see who gets along and who doesn't that way we could switch how the horses were when we put them out.
Before we sprayed the meadows, Magic and a steer were in the front meadow by the road, Freedom and Dolly were in the meadow across the driveway from the one up by the road, Kali was right behind the barn and in the arena (there is a gate between the two so we can let the horses be right behind the barn and in the arena), and Daisy, Prince and Harley were together in the back meadow that is right by the arena (actually the arena kinda cuts into the back meadow).
Well after we sprayed I wanted to separated Dolly and Freedom because I don't want him getting dependent on one horse. So we put Kali, Dolly, and Prince out in the back meadow, Daisy in the area right behind the barn till the buttercups all were for sure dead, and then Harley and Freedom together. Daisy I am not sure if she will be going out front with Freedom and Harley or out back with the two mares and Prince. We shall see.

Wednesday I had a chorus program in the evening at Fairmount so I just fed the horses and went home and got dressed. Hoping to work with the horses more today (Thursday).

Next week the chorus leaves for tour on Wednesday and we will be gone for a week and a half so I won't be getting much riding in for the month of June. Then once we get back from tour we as a family will be doing the Red Power Show in OH. Not sure if everyone is going yet or not. So I am not sure how much riding time I will get in this month but I plan that the rest of the summer to ride a lot :) We shall see.

Also planning to sometime this week yet post pictures from the show my parents did Friday and Saturday of last week. I was there long enough to get some photos for our business blog ;)

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