Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tis the Season for Warm Weather

So I haven't posted in a while. I have had a busy weekend and a busy start to the week. Friday evening I didn't ride because I had plans with my cousins and it was a rainy evening so I couldn't have ridden anyway. Saturday I went to Clinton Anderson's Walkabout Tour in Harrisburg, PA at the Farm Show Complex with some friends of mine. I had gone a few years back but it was great to go in some ways again simply to be able to see round penning done and get a "refresher" course. Sunday was a busy day doing church stuff. Monday I had Bible Study in the evening but I still worked with the horses.

I round penned both of them but not for long because it was SO WARM. First I did Daisy and of course she was amazing. She came and followed right away and did way better than the last time I had done it with her. Then I did Freedom. He did amazing too and I could tell that he was getting the hang of what he was supposed to do. Pleased with how he is coming along. I didn't ride last evening because I had a chiropractor appointment but I did love on everyone. If it cools off slightly tonight I will work with Freedom but just love on Daisy. One of these evenings I want to get both horses and take pictures but it hasn't happened yet. Hope everyone is doing well in this heat (here it is so warm during the day).

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  1. Good to hear! It is in the 80's F. (or 30 or so C.) HOT. I worked for six hours in this heat with irritable horses. Not that fun, or exciting. Whew.
    See you!