Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Riding Daisy, Ponying Freedom, Daisy Bowing and Longing Freedom

Monday evening I rode Daisy bareback and ponied Freedom alongside. Both horses did excellent :) I didn't ride Tuesday or work with the horses at all.

This evening (Wednesday), since I didn't get to the horses till almost dark, I worked with Daisy on bowing and longing Freedom. I first longed Freedom and we just worked on his turns since he has been having an issue with turning when asked. Sometimes he likes to run right thru my cue. Today he did better and was listening better.

Once I was finished longing him, after I had praised him a lot I put him back in the meadow and got Daisy. I figured tonight I am going to work with her on bowing and see if I can get her to bow on voice command. My eventual goal is to have her bow and lay down but a visual and/or voice cue only but for now we are working on the bowing. I have only worked her on bowing at least two other times. The last time I just worked with showing her what I wanted. Tonight I first showed her what I wanted then worked on her doing it when I cued her with my voice. I must say I was so amazed with how well she did. I was able to ask for it via voice and she bowed. She still hasn't quite got it totally figured out that I want her only to bow and not lay down but we are getting there. Tonight I had the rope on her but I am hoping within the next few times I can get her to do it totally on her own. We shall see. Next up is Freedom ;) :D I was pleased with how both horses did this evening!!

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