Saturday, November 2, 2013

Riding and Groundwork

My family ;) We took our family pictures today

I haven't ridden Daisy since Wednesday but today I did get to ride. I had hoped that the next time I ride Daisy it is outside of the arena and that is what we did today. We went for a 40 minute ride. I rode Daisy in the English saddle and snaffle bit. She did pretty good. We mostly trotted, with some walking in the mix. Toward the end she did really good and it is cause I figured out a better way to communicate what I wanted since depending on how I cue her, it can make her bull headed. She is quite the horse. Once we got back I put her away and got Freedom out.

I did with Freedom pretty much the exact same thing I had done with him on Wednesday. Only thing I didn't do with him was lay him down. He did really well today again although I feel he did better Wednesday. I am pleased with the progress I am making with him. Might pony him along one of these evenings :)

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