Monday, December 30, 2013

Driving Freedom on the Road and Riding Daisy

Thursday I didn't do anything with the horses because it snowed in the morning and in the afternoon I was hanging out with my cousin's. Friday I was able to drive Freedom again. I took him on the road with the cart. I hopped in the cart for the ride because he trots quite fast that I have to run to keep up. He didn't mind the weight at all. We weren't gone long at all but long enough to see how he did. He really enjoyed himself! He only really looked at some trash along the road and a wood pile but other than that he went trotting on by. I was really pleased.
I went home for lunch and then came back to ride Daisy. I rode her for a little while in the English saddle and the French link snaffle, which she loves by the way. She did really well. I honestly think the bit made some difference. She responds a lot better to it than she has to almost any other bit! I am so pleased with how both my horses are doing. Over the weekend I didn't do anything with the horses because I was visiting my friend Elana in Virginia. Hoping to go work with the horses later today.

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