Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Navajo's new Home, Beauty at Sharon's, and Curly is here!!

Navajo is at his new home and you know I am so thankful and happy he is where he is..The home is perfect for him!! The boy that is in charge of him is like 13 or 15 or so and he will learn to ride on Navajo..Navajo is perfect for him =D And also the neat thing is he has a miniture pony as a friend and also some calves and other animals too in the other pasture so he will be fine that way to. God answered my prayers as far as the people allowing me to come and see him AND RIDE HIM if I want. The riding part I wanted to do but wasn't going to ask and I was so happy when she said that!! Beauty is settled in at Sharons and she has some sheep as her pasture mates and she will do fine there =) I hope to work with her tomorrow evening!! =) Curly (an american Curly horse..also a stallion and the horse I rode somewhat on Tuesday) is here for a while while Beauty is at Sharon's. I am looking forward to riding him! I am sad Navajo isn't her and I cried a few times but I know tonight and the next few days are when it is going to hit me the hardest!! I will be fine though because I have Beauty and Curly to think about and work with and ride, wonderful friends and family and also GOD!! He is the one who opened all these doors and I am ever so grateful to him!! Will have pics of Navajo at his new home and Curly as well tomorrow or at least will try..Will try to get new pics of Beauty at Sharons tomorrow maybe!!

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