Saturday, October 9, 2010

Friday's Ride!!

Nix-Nux or Daisy
this is what her white on her looks like! (a tad skinny from having a baby recently)

I didn't work with Beauty as planned because Sharon got another horse Thursday night that her friend Vicky wants someone to ride. She plans on selling her and she hasn't been ridden since last year so she is in need of work. Sharon wants me to ride her if I can find time =D I added two pics of her (one a close up so you can see the white) and the other one so you can see the who her. THe horses name is Nix-Nux or Daisy. She is a quarter horse/appaloosa mare and I really like her. One of the guys that him and his wife board at Sharon worked with Daisy in the round pen (he is an expert..he rides Sharon's Beauty barback and without a halter and jumps over the jumps in the meadow) first without the saddle and then with the saddle on her. Then he got on her and rode her and she didn't do anything. It was fun watching him ride her and I got to see her move and she is a quick little thing..She is also a nice mover =) Very smooth. So then I got on and we went out the field and back again. She did good. Daisy has the disposition of Navajo. I hope I get to ride her more in the future!! I am going again Wednesday so I hopefully get to ride her then.

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