Thursday, October 21, 2010

Riding and Free Lunging Daisy!

Tonight I did get to ride again :) I missed my girl Daisy :D We (Little Andrea and I) left Sharon's house with Sharon and went over to Little Andrea's house to treat her horse Sweet Pea for tetnus (if she is better by tomorrow she has a very good chance of living which is great after yesterday she only had a 20% chance..she did get vaccinated for tetnus before this but apparently didn't have a big enough dosage so that is why she has it). Anyway we got back from that and then headed out on the trails. I was having to hold Daisy back the whole time as she really really wanted to go but I didn't want her too as I am a bit nervous of her pinning her ears and kicking. She did pin her ears a few times and she did pin them the one time when we were going past a pastured horse :( She got a good wacking for that!! We are feeding her grain that is why I figure I had to hold her back. Once we got back Sharon went on a ride with a few other people (Moonlight Ride) and Andrea got in the round pen with Daisy. She lunged her a bit then I got in and lunged her some more. I got her to change directions both ways turned toward me. I was so proud and happy with her!! I want to do that again tomorrow night! I really didn't know how she would do so it was a pleasant surprise! Lookin forward to tomorrow night!

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