Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday's Ride!!

I rode Beauty again tonight and she did great. We started out at a walk and she behaved wonderfully then we cantered some and I went ahead and she acted like nothing new was happening. I worked with her some on neck reining as well and that went great too!! She is improving bit by bit and that has me really happy. She might get to go home soon. The whole ride she acted like any other horse I have ridden which has me really pleased!

I bought Daisy today and found out her DOB (February 23, 2004) which is so cool. Sharon told me that a guy she knows rode Daisy the whole route (over the creek and over the covered bridge and all around) and she did excellant and Sharon's husband also rode Daisy. So she is doing really good. I can hardly wait to start working with her on dressage and see how far I can get with her on that. That is going to have to wait a bit but I hope soon we can start!! I am so happy. Also got some nice pictures of her tonight and will probably post those either tomorrow night or Friday!

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