Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday's Ride and Lunging!!

Today I got to ride and lunge Daisy. I saddled her up and then lunged her. She did really good today with changing directions. She gets better each day and that I am so very happy about!! :) I figured if I saddle her that way she will be ready to go when I am ready to ride then :) She followed me without me even doing anything..that sure made me feel special and happy! Anyway I put the hackamore on her and off we went. She wanted to run but I made her trot the whole length of the field plus some and then let her run. I also got her to go nicely by the road (on the strip with her right side to the road which is the side she always spooks on) and she did pretty good. I think if we work on that a lot this winter by summer she will be doing great. We shall see. I rode her for quite a while with mostly trotting (she is doing really well with that) and then we headed back at a walk. I want to go on a long ride one of these days but it makes it hard with my work schedule and it getting dark early :) Hope you had a wonderful Sunday as well!!

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