Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thursday's Riding and Manger Scene!!

Tonight I rode Daisy. I got my western headstall from statlinetack today so I fit it to Daisy and hopped on. I didn't take her blanket off but just rode her like that. I just walked her at first then we cantered some. She did really good and didn't try any funny stuff either. She shied at a black plastic tarp that she wasn't used to it being at that particular spot and we were cantering and she side stepped and off I came. I didn't get hurt at all so I just hopped on her right away again :) Then we cantered a bit more and then I got her to trot a bit for me. It again wasn't a long ride but enough for me. I am meeting my goal of riding every day this week (didn't yesterday because I mixed cookies instead :D I plan to bake those tomorrow) but yesterday I did groom her and spend time with her! Check out the photo I got via e-mail..I believe you will like it!! Hope you all have a wonderful day and a Merry Christmas!!

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