Saturday, December 4, 2010

Saturday's Birthday Ride and Youth Night!!

Today I finally got to ride Daisy again. The only different thing was I rode her in the english saddle (which btw from everything looks like we won't be needing a high withers my mom to look down the middle of her back and not touching there and neither is it on her I believe we are good!! :). I saddled her up and got on her and she didn't move which was good. I should have lunged her first but I didn't (still getting used to that idea). Anyway she tried to run with me which I wasn't ready for yet and she bucked once (I pulled her head up for that and wacked her and she didn't do it again). It got to the point I was like fine you asked to be lunged so lunge we shall. So I lunged her till she showed me she was listening to me. Then I got on and had a good horsey just like I figured she would be. We did a lot of trotting and boy was that nice. That is all we did till I felt confident enought to canter and she did really well with that too. I got my mom to take a few photos and I believe I need to lower my stirrups a little (they were high because I wasn't sure how low/high they should be quite and also keep an eye on where my legs belong :D). Seems every time I ride in a new saddle on a horse or am riding a new saddle on a a horse I haven't had very long or known very long I have to relearn how to ride (not really but I think this makes sense to those of you who are horse people). What I mean is I have to learn the horses gait and such because every horse is different in that aspect. Anyway overall it went awesome.

Then around 5:30 I headed out the door for the youth vball game (ok in case you didn't notice our youth does a lot of vball). WOW what an evening. Not to many people were there and apparently they played last evening so some people left around 10. Those of us who were left played quite the interesting game before 11. Oh what fun!! I just love the youth!!

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