Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday's Ride!!

Today I got to ride again. It seems Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday are the only days I really get to ride out of the week :D Anyway. I lunged Daisy first because she had been in her stall all last night and so far today because of it being very windy and cold. She did really good with lunging. I know I say it a lot but she seems to get better every time! Before I had lunged her I had saddled and bridled her up. Once I lunged her I got on her and off we went. I headed out the into the field first and we did some trotting and some cantering. Twice she tried to run faster than I wanted her to so I made her turn and slow down. She is quite the horse. I have a feeling we will get farther with our training once summer and warmer weather come because then she won't be so frisky from the cold weather :) Then I brought her back to the farm and I got her to trot around in a circle really nice in the big yard out back here. We trotted both ways. I figured this way she will listen to me and I will be able to work on my posting and keeping my legs under myself the way they belong :D Once we were done with that I cleaned out her hooves and put her blanket on and turned her out :)

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