Friday, January 7, 2011

Daisy Laying Down!!!

Daisy and I are doing great!! I had an espeically special evening last night with her. She was laying down when I went out to her before I went to bed and I had whistled to her and so she knew I was coming. Anyway I went in to her and sat by her and loved on her a bit and talked to her. I sat on her then and stayed on her for a bit then got off again. The last time she had gotten up right away but this time she stayed put and I petted her and hugged her and just loved on was so special. Then after I walked away to get her water she got up and followed me..I love her. We have a very special bond and I am thinking she is my horse of a lifetime..Navajo was too (I don't know if you can have two or not :D)!! Have a wonderful Day!!

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