Monday, January 10, 2011

Farrier Visit and Free Lunging!!

This morning before we went to the farm show the farrier came. I had called him last week and told him that I have another horse and I don't know how she will do for him since this is only the second time she would have her feet trimmed and shoed. Well he got here at 10 till 9 am. We kept her in the corral there because I knew she likes to act like she has to go down on her knees and with her right back hoof she likes to try to kick you. I have been working on it but so far it is a slow progress. She is a fast learner otherwise but her feet she sure is picky with and I am thinking the only thing that is truely going to work is time. Anyway he started with her front hooves and she did ok at first but she kept wanting to hop around and acted like she wants to kneel. We pretty much fought with her the whole time with her front hooves and it made it harder on the farrier and I. For the back hooves the farrier got the stud chain out to help her realize the moving around isn't the smart thing to do. That helped a lot...She stood still then and the back to hooves took a lot less time than the front hooves. My farrier said he thinks the reason she acts the way she does is because for one she isn't used to it and now that she is actually getting her hooves done for the second time she is already almost 7 so it will take her a bit more time to get used to it. I have a very high regard for farriers because they get to deal with horses like Daisy. I told him that I don't feel it is the farriers job to train the horse it is our the owners job and I know that I tried my level best to get Daisy ready for him but I figured she still is going to give us somewhat of a fight and she didn't disappoint me although I wish she would have in that area :D
Anyway then we went to the farm show and we were there till like 4 pm or so then went out to eat and came home.
Once we were home here I went out to Daisy and groomed her and loved on her. Then I decided to free lunge her. I set up the corral to do that and then started lunging her. She did really well and we worked on her changing directions and she did really well. She turned with her facing me each time but once (but I got her to correct it) which had me happy. Then I asked her to slow down and stop then I turned away and she immediately came to me and touched my back. I then walked around and away from her and she followed was so awesome. Then as I took all the stuff down that i had put up to get the corral ready for free lunging she followed me then too. She is such a sweet and awesome horse when she doesn't get it in her head to have an attitude :) I love her a lot!! She is my sweetheart..Hope you have a wonderful evening!!

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