Sunday, January 23, 2011

Horse World Expo and Sunshine!

Yesterday I went to the Horse World Expo in Md!  (here is a link). I learned a LOT and got some new ideas and I even got the book that my friend Andrea and I will be sharing by Lynn Palm on Collection : and I really believe I can learn a lot from it!! I don't have my pictures yet but I will hopefully be able to get them within the next two weeks. First we looked around and checked out all the exhibitors..that was interesting. I saw a bitless bridle I was interested it..We meaning Sharon, Andrea and I are going to see if our harness shop can make something up for cheaper (same style) and see if we like it..I can't wait!! ;) Our first demo was on gait correction which to me was really interesting. Then we saw a demo on proper biting which was also interesting and also a demo on how to teach a hose to drive. Then afte that was a demo by Caroline Rider and I LOVED LOVED her is a link to a youtube video that shows somewhat what she did..awesome if you ask me!!  (this is somewhat what she did at the expo)..I really enjoyed this..Then we saw another demo on to make your every day horse a dimond then after that we saw Ryan Rose with his team do Parreli..Really cool..I enjoyed that as well. The last thing we saw for the day was a parade of breeds and also a special demonstration for thearaputic riding ;) We saw a freisan (sp) do some really awesome dressage movements..he was in a double bridle and it was awesome watching him do the extended trot and other cool stuff..that was my second favorite part of the day..that and Caroline Rider ;)
Today then I got to ride a horse named Sunshine at Sharon's..Sunshine is a 6 year old Palomino mare who Sharon doesn't think was ridden before she came to her..Sunshine we think was abused at one point too because she is really skittish and not to quick to trust..she just has that way about her. She did awesome for me today..I enjoyed riding her as well. Brian (the guy that comes regularly and rides her usually) said she did really good today and I agree because I saw how she did for him about a month ago and she was really skittish then ;) Anyway that was my weekend so far..I really enjoyed myself :D

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