Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday's Groundwork!!

Tonight I worked with Daisy..she did so awesome!! I worked on groundwork because the farrier is coming next Monday and I want her to do really well for him. Anyway I mainly worked on leading to get her to walk beside me without me having to put any pressure on the lead rope at all. We did it first at a walk and at first she wanted to just walk in front of me and not listen but once we had been doing it a bit she really got the hang of it. I also worked on stopping too and every time she did really good with anything I stopped her and praised her! She walked nicely beside me so I figured hey why not try it at a trot. I did and I got her to the point that I didn't even have too direct her with the lead rope just hold it and I could get her to trot like that beside me even on turns. I was so happy. I mean for the first time doing this it was great. She is a really quick learner though. Anyway then I stopped her and got her to back up..I just got her to back a little but she did well. Then I got her to move her hindquarters and again she did it without being touched..both ways. I was so hapy with her and overall it went awesome!! I am so proud of her!

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