Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Day!!

Happy New Year Everyone!! Well to start off I haven't really done much riding lately although I did work with Daisy a bit on Thursday..just a little bit of wasn't long at all. (I am going to mix my horse stuff and youth stuff all together :D) Well Friday night my friend Lori Musser and I went up to Lebanon Valley gym to hang out with Myerstown youth group. We were there till 11 then headed back to the one girl's house..There we brought the new year in together (awesome). Then after that we headed over to a girl from our youth group (Lebanon Valley) house and spent the night (well morning) there. I didn't go to bed till 2:30 am and some stayed up later than that. This morning then we met the guys for breakfast which was awesome. After that a few of us girls headed over to Walmart and did some shopping. After that Lori and I headed back to her house and from there I went home.

Once I was home I did a few things and then rode Daisy bareback. I headed out the field lane a few times and also worked with her on trotting (and my posting). She did quite well and she didn't act up when I got on her either. She stood perfectly still and walked like a pro. I was so proud of her. A definite improvement. Once I rode her then I did some other horse work then came in and got ready to go to the vball game which was tonight with the youth. That was a lot of fun as well. I just got home and I don't know if I will do anything with the youth tomorrow night or not..we shall see! Hope you had a wonderful New Year's Day!

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