Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Playing in the Snow!

Today I got to let Daisy free and let her run. To clarify I asked my neighbor if I may use her meadow (pictured in the bottom picture so you can see a bit how the size is) to lunge Daisy and let her run and go free, do some join up, and other groundwork. First I got inside the meadow..took Daisy's halter and leadrope off and cracked my lunge whip to let her know she can go and run till her heart's content ;) Off she ran and I took lots of pictures..she kept looking toward home :D Anyway once she had run for a while and started pawing for grass I was like time to work :D I put her halter on again and her lunge line and lunged her. She did pretty good but we mainly worked on changing directions..I lunged her till she got her playfullness out of her and she started to listen to me. Then I took her halter and the lunge line off and let her go..I got her attention and held out my hand and she came right to me..I was really impressed. Then I walked away and she walked by me..I jogged and she trotted. I was so happy..I let her go again and she ate grass for a while while I got all the things I had brought down together. Then I called her and said time to go and home we came. It to me was very productive and a lot of fun!! Hope to do it again soon!!

We got a decent amount of snow and the snow is coming down really well. Last time my sister measured we had six inches. I am happy :D Hope you have a wonderful and safe evening!