Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday's Groundwork and Ride!!

Tonight I spent some time just loving on Daisy. First I groomed her and played with her. I was jumping beside her and she didn't like it so I kept doing it till she lowered her was kinda funny ;) Then I brought a bucket in the corral turned it upside down and called Daisy over. She came and I got her to come up to the bucket..It took some persuasion but she came. Then when I was ready to get on the bucket she swung her but away from the bucket..I got off and asked her to move it back over. She did and I got on the bucket again and just stood there. She stayed still so I layed my body over top of her back and she stayed still again ;) So then I got on her and still she stayed ;) I was so impressed. Each time she tried to move forward I would go into my stopping position and she stopped. Then I asked her to go forward and I rode her around and tried to get her used to me asking her to turn with my body..that will need work but hey we have all year (unless something happens of course) ;) Then I got her to stop completely by stilling my hips and pulling my stomache in and making a fist with both hands (it was really cool..that is my stopping aide). So I got off and praised her. She is really coming along ;)

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