Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Monday's Lunging!!

I did get to lunge Daisy on Monday night before chorus practice. I would have updated long before now but I have been sick along with the rest of my family (I got sice last week and now my family got it from me and they have been sick since Tuesday). Anyway I didn't really work on much with her all except pulling at the trot. I usually let her go on a wider circle but she wasn't listening so I shortened the circle up and made her trot around me. I didn't have the chain over her nose at first but she wasn't responding to me at all..she was just tuning me out. I was like fine go ahead and tune me out I will get you to listen to me one way or another. Well the shorter circle didn't work so I put the chain over her nose and she did really good with not pulling. I was so impressed. She really listened to me and we ended on a good note. I was so happy! Can't wait to work with her a little more later this week if I feel better!!

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