Sunday, March 13, 2011

Saturday's Ride!!

I did get to ride yesterday!! I groomed Daisy really good before I saddled up in the western saddle. Then we headed out down our road...and all of a sudden we were in the field running away from something :D Not sure what spooked her but I turned her around and we went right back where we had come from. She did fine and we kept going. We did a lot of cantering but we did a lot of walking as well. It ended up being about a 45 minute ride overall. Well we went in a big square around our place and that is the farthest that I have ever taken Daisy by ourselves so I am wondering if it was the new and strange places, her never really being ridden on the road by herself till I got her, and the wind that accounted to her spooking so much :D The one time a truck came behind us and she double spooked. First away from the truck toward a white marker along the road and then she spooks (in place this time) from that white marker. Another time she stops dead still because of either the cows or the bridge :D But overall she did really well and she really got to run which made her so happy. I did get her to trot a few times but I figured she hasn't really been ridden much this past winter so running is not going to hurt her..there are plenty of times ahead to work on the things we need to/want to work on..and there is no rush either!!
I am soon going to be heading out to go riding at Sharon's on one of her horses. Miss Daisy gets to be lazy and eat hay :D I love my dear sweet girl though! Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!!

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