Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday's Ride!!

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day!! Not sure how warm it was but I was out some of the day without a coat or jacket on..just wonderful. Daisy really was enjoying herself and was laying in the sun for a while today (twice). She was quite dirty too..She doesn't really like mud to much but she was actually muddy..the worst I have ever seen her..Silly horse!!

I also got to ride which was great!! I rode bareback in the hackamore. I rode along the strip and we just walked but she did wonderful. She was a little hyper going down but coming back she kept cowhopping to the side whenever a car came to us (her right side would have been facing the road..I figured out she doesn't mind cars coming at her on the left side nor coming behind her but have it coming at her from the right and she is not happy :D). We will work on it! We did canter a little bit and she really enjoyed it!! I am so pleased with her! Hoping to ride more this week!!

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