Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday's Ride and Sunday's Ride at Sharon!!

Tonight was the first time I got to ride on the road in the evening!! I tacked Daisy up in the western saddle and bridle and headed out (I groomed her good before we left). We went the same way as yesterday all except we did went opposite than last time. We did a lot of cantering but I did get her to trot very nicely for a good distance. I was very pleased!! We cantered some more then on the last stretch home I got her to walk. We went in the field (ours) and we did a full out gallop toward home. Then when we got home I walked her around to cool her down and let Rose Mary ride. While Rose Mary was riding I walked beside Daisy (Rose Mary didn't have her hands on the reins) and at first I had my hands on the reins but then I was like hey I am going to see how well Daisy follows me and listens to me from the ground. Well she listened very well. We just walked at first then I asked Rose Mary if she is comfortable with trotting and she said sure..I started jogging and Daisy trotted right beside me and I mean she was like right at my side. Then I switched to the off side (right side) and we did the same thing. She trotted so nicely from the ground and I wasn't touching her at all. I was so happy!! I had never done this before so it was excellant for the first time!! I was so pleased!! I got her to trot one more time then I stopped her and told Rose Mary to get off because she did so wonderful. I am so happy with my girl.

Ok you are wondering about the picture of the lamb...well I went riding at Sharon's on Sunday afternoon. I rode Curly again..We rode for about 2 or so hours. We went up to Woodcrest with a dating couple..It was a lot of fun and Curly did well!! I enjoyed my time of riding a different horse again..Then we came back and I got to hold this little lamb. He is SO CUTE!!!! Small and fuzzy too :D I had gotten to Sharon a little after 2 and we got back from riding around 5 or so..Then my family came for homemade icecream around 7!! It was a very fun Sunday!! Hope you have a great rest of the week!!

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