Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tea Party!!

Today we had a tea party at my aunt's house (where I work). My cousins and I (the ones that own Beauty) planned it and invited everyone and got everything together and my aunt let us use the house!! Not near everyone showed up but we had fun with the people that did. The reason we had done this was as a thank you kinda for our mom's and other aunts for all they do! The first picture was of the tea and the second picture is the table. We had ham and cheese sandwiches with a poppey seed sauce, a veggie tray with dip,  and crackers with dip for our main course. Then for dessert they had a choice of lemon merange pie, chocolate covered strawberries, or chocolate cake with whipped cream, cherries and drizled chocolate on top and of course tea. I know my cousins and I had fun planning it and decorating the kitchen...We would definitely do it all over again!!

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