Sunday, April 10, 2011

Friday's RoundPenning!!

As you all know I moved Daisy to Sharon Thursday night. I stayed overnight at Sharon's and then went to work Friday morning. Then after work I went back to Sharon's again to work with Daisy. It had rained most of the day and was still raining so I knew that meant no riding but I figured well this is the perfect time to roundpen Daisy. I moved some horses to the other area in the barn so that the main ring (which doubles as a round pen as well) would be empty. I then went and got Daisy and took her blanket off. I got the whip and free lunged her. I got her to just do some trotting at first but then I asked her to canter by saying CANTER and if she didn't canter then the whip got cracked. But she did awesome. I wanted to look at the time but had forgotten so I don't know how long I roundpenned her but it wasn't long at all. I worked with her for a little while and then toward the end I saw her lower her head and start licking and chewing. I don't ever remember her licking and chewing to that extent (if ever when lunging her on the lunge line). Anyway since she had her ear towards me, had her head lowered and was licking and chewing I slowed her down and turned away. She hesitated a bit before she started coming toward me. I didn't ask her to come or anything she just came. I didn't reach out to her either and she touches my sleeve. I was so proud of my Daisy girl :) As soon as I felt her touch me I turned around and gave her a hug and I praised her!! It was just so awesome!!

Well since we had come that far I was like awesome so I was just walking around and she was following me. I then wanted to see if she would pull on the lunge line if I lunged her with one. I did and nope no pulling..She listened very well!! I was so proud. I unclipped her from the lunge line (and I lunged her with just her halter and nothing severe at alll..that had me happy) and she just followed me and followed me. It was so specail!! Then I got my bridle with the snaffle bit on it and hopped on her bareback and did some trotting around there in the ring both ways. She responded well to that also. Then my friend Lillian brought her horse Diamond into the ring and showed me all the little tricks he can was awesome. But the most awesome thing was Daisy listened to me even though she was curious about Diamond (I don't know if you guys remember her pinning her ears at other horses and such when she had been there at Sharon when I first got I was keeping her away just so nothing like that would happen...I really believe her having the baby on her for 6 to 9 months without being with any other horses during that time has made her be aggressive around other horses for some reason). Lillian and I decided we wanted to see how Daisy and Diamond would get along. Daisy could have cared less about Diamond after I got off of her. She followed me around and I had to go out of the ring before she would go over and even say hi. It was kinda cute.

Well she did well with Diamond so we were like we want to see how she does with all the ponies, Diamond and Sundance (the horses she would be with..right now she is stalled by herself because she just fights everyone :( Well she didn't seem to mind anyone but then right before we were going to put everyone away Daisy goes and kicks at Sundance. I call Daisy over and hold her while Lillian and the ponies owners put the others away. Then we put her with the other big horses (Lightning (he puts horses in their places), Beauty, Speedy, and Sundance) in with her and Lightning put her in her place. She got a few scratches on her from that and I kinda pittied her but she went after the other horses by kicking them. I was like hey you kick them and then you want to be part of them how do you figure that works? Anyway we decided to wait to actually put her with the ponies for good when we can watch and make sure nobody (horses) gets we will either do that Tuesday or Wednesday!! So I loved on her and put some stuff on her cuts and then put her out in her paddock by herself!!

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