Sunday, April 10, 2011

Saturday's Ride!!

I rode Daisy yesterday afternoon with my friend Andrea. She rode Bean and I rode Daisy. I used the stirrups (which is like a bareback pad but just a tad is a picture that gives you an idea what it looks like: ) which is what we call it doesn't have the pad attatched to it like the one in the link but we have a pad under it just like this one has. Anyway we started out by walking with Daisy behind Bean. When we got to where we can canter we did...Daisy really wanted to go but I held her back at first but then I let her go. I was riding with the hackamore..that is one of the things I want to work on while she is here at Sharon's is to get her used to the different bits that she respects them :) We rode for about an hour or more and we did more walking than not but it was a lot of fun!! I really enjoyed myself and I can't wait to do more riding!! I probably won't go to Sharon's again till either Tuesday or Wednesday. Enjoy your weekend!!

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