Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pole Bending, Jumping, Daisy and Curly!

Last night some of us practiced for the rodeo. I was helping even though I am not going to be in the rodeo (I have a youth thing that weekend)!! I had saddled up Daisy in the stirrups again (I haven't one time yet ridden in the saddle there at Sharon's..hehe) and we went out to the meadow where the barrels, poles, jumps and other stuff is set up. Lillian was riding Curly again! Well we waited in line to do the poles (there were some other girls there besides just Sharon, Lillian and I). When it was Daisy and I's turn I just went thru the poles at a walk to let Daisy figure out what I wanted. The second time thru we went at a trot and it didn't go to well but I knew Daisy needed to figure out what I want exactly. We went thru them a couple times and the last time she really did good..we just trotted but wow she turned really nice..I was really impressed. After I had ridden Daisy thru the poles that last time she did so well I came back and Lillian was sitting on Curly. I asked her if she wanted me to take him thru the poles. He has done this before last year so he knew what we wanted :D She of course said yes so I took him thru. She had taken him thru a couple of times before and he did ok..He did ok the first couple of times but I was used to riding my small quick horse Daisy :D and so I cut it to close with Curly then. Then I came back and I am not sure what all of a sudden made him decide to rear but rear he did. Now this was not the Sunshine rear this is Mr Curly and his halfhearted rear. I couldn't figure out what his issue was because he hasn't tested me since I put him in his place here. Well we went thru the poles one more time and he did ok but not great at all...well I was sitting on him and Sharon comes over and I had looked down at the saddle and I was like hey I bet I know why he was acting dumb. His saddle was against his withers. So we put another pad on and we were set to go. He didn't act dumb with me again. Poor guy was hurting. Somebody else had saddled him up but I think it wasn't their fault...anyway I took him thru the poles again and we didn't knock any over and he did really good. I got off him and got on Daisy and Lillian got on Curly :) Then I jumped Daisy over the poles..that she really seems to like!! I am happy with that...Then we ended on a good note and I took her in the barn and brushed her and loved on her a bit. I helped Sharon with the chores and then I headed for home!! It was an enjoyable end to the day!!
I am planning to go to Sharon's Wednesday and Thursday..Friday I need to get ready to leave for Mini Tour with the chorus. We are going to VA this time around. It is just for the weekend. We will be back Sunday night sometime. I am so excited..I plan to take my camera along and I will let you guys all know how it goes. We have had 3 programs so far and they have been going well :) Hope you all have a great week!!

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