Sunday, April 24, 2011

Thursday's Ride, Misty, Friday's Ride, and Saturday's Misc!!

I figured instead of making a couple different posts I would just put my whole time at Sharon all in one lump :D Well here we go!
Thursday's Ride:
  Thursday I got to Sharon's around 5:30. I usually get there earlier but I worked later which was fine. Brian (the one who used to usually ride Sunshine) was there as well. Some of you know of the big problem I had with her Monday. Well Bernell worked with her and she did better for him but she still acted like a brat and Earl Dean and Sharon talked it over and they decided instead of knowingly endangering their friends with Sunshine they are going to sell her instead. They have had her since November and since then they have worked her slowly and done a lot of trail riding with her and she has improved on the trails but she still can be very flighty if she is having a bad day. What she needs is one consistant person to work with her (which if the neighbor guy buys her that is what she will get) and she will turn out better I think. I didn't give up on her I just don't see the need to risk myself on her. Anyway Brian was there and he rode Lightning, Sharon rode Bean and I rode Daisy. We rode our usual route on the trails and Daisy and I would run ahead when we were running usually. At the one spot Brian and I were racing Lightning and Curly and they really enjoyed that. Bean and Daisy have a lot of the same personality and if Daisy is like Bean when she gets to be his age She will still be fiesty :D Well we got back and then Brian left and Lillian came. Lillian saddled Curly and I got on Misy (the one with Patience) and Sharon rode Bean again. We wanted to give Misty some exercise and see how she does going away from her baby. She had been out in the yard on a lead rope for an hour or more almost every day since the baby has been born so she has had exercise but we wanted to see how she did with riding. We rode out and cantered one time but walked all the rest...Well Sharon was worried about her tieing up and she actually did then. (Sharon said she never had any of her horses tie up this bad before (she hasn't ever had any of her mares tie up...and she always has taken them out at about two weeks after the baby has been born..the vet said it depends no the horse) and she has always done this way with her mares after they have babies...anyway). So Sharon gave her some stuff to help relieve the muscle cramps and all that but that didn't help so she called the vet and he came out aroudn 12 am or so...We ended up staying up all night with Misty and almost lost her. She is doing better now thankfully but that was not a fun night at all.

Friday's Groundwork:
   Which brings me to Friday..We stayed out in the barn all night then and went into the house and slept from about 5 till 7 and then the vet came again and did some more stuff to Misty (won't go into detail). We went in and ate some breakfast food for lunch. After lunch we slept (well I did) for an hour and a half. After that we were just doing odds and ends. Around 2 or so Andrea came and she practiced in the meadow for the rodeo and I just groomed Daisy and took her out to the meadow and jumped her over the jumps and took her thru the tires..She enjoyed that a lot!! This was all on the ground..I didn't ride her at all. Then I took some pics of Andrea and also of Daisy!! That was Friday then.

Saturday's Misc:
   Saturday then it was raining when we got up..I went out and fit a halter to Daisy so I could go to Becky (a harness shop) and get a green halter for daisy (lime green). Sharon needed to go to the farm store anyway so we made a trip there...we came back and I put Daisy's halter on and we did a few things around there and then we ate some lunch. After lunch we did some barn work. We moved some gates around and made some stalls and unloaded sawdust. Just barnwork that needed done. We worked till around 7 then Sharon and I took a Lazy ride on Bean and Daisy. That was just plain fun. Then we came back and I came home. Not sure when I am going again but hopefully Monday or Wednesday!! :) Hope you have an awesome week!!

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