Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Riding My Girl Daisy and Dumb Sunshine!

Sorry about saying Dumb Sunshine but she is no miss :D Anyway first I got to Sharon and we ate supper then Lillian and I went out, brushed the horses we were riding and then saddled up Daisy and Curly (I rode Daisy with the bareback pad again). We went on about an hour or so ride and Daisy did excellant. I have decided since Daisy does fine with the bit when it is just her and I then I am just going to ride with the hackamore in groups because that is what she does so good with! When we got back I took Daisy's hackamore off and put her in with the other horses and then lunged Sunshine. She did totally awesome with the lunging although she got stubborn a few times but we worked thru that. Then she joined up with me and I was throwing the lunge whip all over her to desentize her to it.

I saddled her up and took her into the pasture. We walked thru the poles and she did fine with that so I did some cantering around the pasture and such. When her left side was to the fence she didn't walk or canter as nicely but when her right was to the fence she did fine. We worked on that a bit and then went thru the poles again at a walk. Sharon on Bean and Lillian on Curly came in and Lillian and Sharon took their horses thru the poles. Well Curly was acting dumb so Sharon asked if I would take Curly thru once and see how he does for me. So I tied Sunshine and got on Curly. Boy is he fun to ride. I kicked him into a canter and we went up past the poles then wove thru them and then wove thru them again and then cantered back thru the cones. SO MUCH FUN. He needed constant encouragement but he did it. I did it with him a few times and wow such fun! Then Sharon asked me to take Sunshine thru again and see how she does. We went faster this time thru and she didn't turn so nice when I asked her to turn right..Sunshine and I went thru a few times and she did ok. Well Sharon wanted to try the one bit and she did really awesome with it at first (I mean we went thru the poles one time perfectly) but then I was just riding her around not even in the poles (I was trying to turn her the way she didn't want to go) and up she rears..well I go flying off and landed on the ground. That made me mad and I got on her again and we walked around a bit again. I don't know what made her mad the second time she reared but she got mad and reared again..This time she fell overbackwards but I landed to the side..I did get on her again then after that. I told Sharon Sunshine's problem is that as soon as we put something in her mouth or on her head that is actually strong enough to control her and that she has to listen to then she gets mad. Sharon was never keen on Sunshine but they are keeping her for the one guy that comes but he doesn't ride her when she acts like this. I told Sharon if Bernell (he is a very experienced rider and can talk to most any horse :) can get Sunshine used to working in the meadow and not rearing and all this then I am willing to finish her off but I am not riding her if she acts like this (not in the meadow anyway..that is where a lot of the issue is..it isn't the poles themselves..notice she only reared after we put something different in her mouth..she is used to a bit because Bernell had ridden her in a bit). We took her in the barn after the I got on her after the second time of falling off of her (I rode her around a little and such. IT was kinda funny because after I flew off the second time after she got so mad and such then she was calm as ever..And I had lunged her good before even getting on her the first time. She is quite broke and a good horse..I mean she does perfect on the trails and anything and such but this is how she acted at first on the trails..I fear anything new that you put her up to, she does this). Anyway I tied her and then she was acting dumb and not sure what she did but she was not behaving so I lunged her a bit and then stopped her and took her bridle off to put her halter on so I could unsaddle her...well she decided she isn't having any of this and walks off so I lunged her a bit more (we were in the main ring and so I was free lunging her). I stopped her and then she was ok with me putting her halter on. I told Sharon that if (I said this before) Bernell gets her to the point I can feel safe riding her without getting dumped then I will but I just don't feel she is safe. I don't think that it is because she can't and doesn't want to do the poles and such it is just that she thinks she can get stubborn and act dumb and can get away with it. This is the fight they had with her when they trail rode her and look at her now on the trails..very good!! So I think if Bernell can get her to act decent she will be a great horse :) We shall see I guess! I don't feel she is worth the risk of getting hurt or worse!! Not everyone is going to agree with what all I said but it isn't just my opinion..it was everyone's there that saw this all happen. I don't know if I would have done anything differently or not but I doubt it. Anyway I am going on Wednesday again and going to ride Miss Daisy :) Can't wait!! Really love my girl!

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