Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday's Groundwork!!

Since I haven't posted any pictures for a long time I decided today is the best as any. These pics are taken with my phone so they aren't the best quality :D The first one is one of the kittens in our two litters of cats :) It is kinda fun having kittens around!

I haven't worked with Daisy for a bit although last week I did ride her down to my neighbors on Monday and Tuesday when I was taking care of her dogs..And the last time I would have really worked with her was when I lunged her on Tuesday. Well today I figured it is a nice day (it was nice and warm) so why not groom her and spend some time working with her since I don't have much time to really ride Monday's (chorus more time after tonight then Monday nights I can ride :D..then I will have Sunday nights occupied with programs ;) I first groomed her (the second picture is right after I groomed her) and she really enjoyed that! She is really shedding which makes me happy because I can now see her summer slickness showing thru!! I then and hosed her legs off because they were muddy. Once I had done that I worked on groundwork with her.

I have been working with Daisy on walking nicely beside me and moving her behind around. So that is the first thing I did was ask her to walk nicely beside me. At first she was a bit frisky but she settled down and listened to me. We did just walking at first and then I stopped her and got her to move her behind around..She did really well with that. Since she did so good with that I asked her to trot and trot she did. That is something we have to work on with turning but otherwise it went well. Then just for the fun of it I decided to teach her to shake..I tapped on her left (which now that I think about it should be her right leg but we can change that) leg with the whip and got her to lift her leg up. I only had to ask her like 3 times and she got what I wanted. I was impressed. I also got her to bend her neck for me. That we need to work on a bit but hey she is learning. I am very pleased with the progress we made. Hoping to work with her more tomorrow!

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