Monday, April 4, 2011

My Weekend!!

Had a good time at the youth thing Saturday night (we split into 6 groups of about 5 or so people and the youth leaders gave us 20 bucks each and then we were to think of someone (or do it for a random person) who looks like they might need help. One group went to Walmart and bought toys for two handicap boys, another group went and bought groceries and took it to a random house, another group went to a house (someone they knew) and asked for a list and went and bought some stuff for them, and our group took the principle of Lebanon Valley School and his family of six children out for ice cream! I can't remember what the other groups did but it was a ton of fun..we talked about it after we got back and we all pretty much agreed overall that we would so do it again.

Then Sunday afternoon I took a bunch of my friends to Sharon to go trailriding :) They all had fun and I had fun sharing my love of horses and riding with them!! Overall I had an awesome weekend!! <3

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